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Landing Craft Unmanned Resupply

High-speed, jet-propelled deliveries.


About LCUR

LCUR is envisioned to provide resupply to military forces operating in austere, A2/AD environments where aircraft and slow surface vessels are too vulnerable to risk transit. The high-speed, low-observable LCUR will reduce this vulnerability. The high payload allows for rearming and resupplying Marines and Soldiers at expeditionary advance bases, thus providing solutions for the Commandant of the Marine Corps distributed logistics concept.


What We Do


Dedicated to Results

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Our Experience

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52 x 16ft Munson catamaran prototype ready in 6 months at $2.5M for the initial prototype. 

*where will production be? Does 6 month production include delivery?



The LCUR is designed to resupply forces in austere, A2/AD conditions where aircraft and slow surface vehicles are too vulnerable. These environments pose substantial challenges to keep Marines and Soldiers with AA&E. That's where LCUR can help.


  • The LCUR is 52'x16' catamaran, water jet-propelled, multi-mode (unmanned, remote-controlled,  or manned), high-speed landing craft

  • The faceted hull and low freeboard designs create a low-observable profile for the LCUR

  • Cargo payload exceeds 10k lbs

  • Speed in excess of 35KTS in high sea state with a  400+km range

  • 100% COTS - all components on market now

  • Prototype ready in 6 months; $2.5M for initial prototype

munson catamaran.jpeg

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Our mission areas include:

• Expeditionary Advanced Basing Operations

• Distributed Logistics 

• A2/AD Re-arm and Resupply




• Landing Craft Unmanned Resupply

• Distributed Logistics

• A2/AD

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